I can’t talk on #code

Mibit users: Your mibbit account isn’t a Rizon account, so you still have to register with rizon.

NOTE: Make sure there are no spaces or other text before the / when entering commands, or your password and email address may be sent to the current channel.

I already have an account

If you’re not using your registered nick, you’ll need to group your current nick by typing /msg NickServ GROUP <your main nickname> <your password>, or change to your registered nick. #code may prevent you from changing your nick until you’ve left the channel)

If you’re using your registered nick, you just need to login, or “identify”, by typing /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <your password>.

I don’t have an account

You can make one by typing /msg NickServ REGISTER <your desired password> <your email>. Once you’ve done that, check your email for a confirmation code, then type /msg NickServ CONFIRM <confirmation code>.

If you have any problems or more questions, check out this page here on the Rizon wiki.